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2 years ago

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Hi I have royalporntube just returned from a fantastic two-week cruise, not much to do in the first week, I discovered the ships sauna !!!!!!! it was really good nice sauna, large steam room and bath cubicles etc. 6 not much action in the sauna, steam royalporntube bath, but wow !!!!!!!!!!!! These two individuals entered the sauna and soon one of them left and went into the steam room, keeping the man went back and grabbed a towel and playing royalporntube with his balls I got up and said I was to steam room, when I entered the first man that was there and I saw another guy, and they masturbate so much that i Sun towels dropped out just me and said that lap, then the other just outside the sauna royalporntube SA was the site frankoppermann me and then I pushed myself, and I started masturbating, I leaned over me and took his penis cut off about 6 mouthg me and sucked him, the other two boys came to join one, we were all blown straw and mutually mmmmmmmmmm 2 of them left and the boy was left behind at the knee and hisdepth n cked me hard and finally it exploded, which is a good time any action the next day Boo Hoo 3 Date of this American boy remained in the steam room and it was soft like a horse hung for 7 inches! Identification hanging leg was fucking great love it, but he seemed interested, and went to a young man came in and had a good session anything the next day the next day a couple of young n SA masturbate, but I'm not every action, when the Americans returned, but no longer of interest again it was royalporntube my last day was very well when the American man and another man was seen around the ship with him in the identification of the great man to be dropped and closed the eyes of another man looked at me, I put my cock straw in my towel then did the same then took a good 8 inch cock, I showed my met and started playing with me, and I started sucking the other opened his eyes and saw only then told me id love to suckthe guy told me to masturbate going to go ahead and suck, so I walked through that monster between his legs and had a cock in my mouth was hard, but not really needed more was 8. 5, but my God was cut into thick with a huge helmet, and the veins were more it sucked like crazy until I hurt your jaw and do not always have cum then after that licks his balls a good strted to inject God mine the number of strings have lost it runs everywere it was covered and he was killed, he invites all over my chest and I royalporntube was working until it covered my cock n balls. this guy could shoot cum! his hed a star in s in royalporntube bullfights are! showered or cleaned and left, and had a smile on my face, which remains royalporntube or the cross can not be expected on the ship but next time wrong with my daily every day! again now with some local cock fun again......... interetsed someone!
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